Speed Reads

That's a wrap

Jack White recorded and released a new record in under 4 hours. You can watch.


How did you celebrate Record Store Day — or, as others called it this year, Holy Saturday? Jack White spent April 19 recording a record, and breaking one, too: The Guinness World Record for Fastest Album Release, previously held by polka trio Vollgas Kompanie. The Swiss polka artists recorded their album, Live, on Aug. 15, 2008, and released it the next day. White recorded a live version of a new single, "Lazaretto," and sold his first copy, all in 3 hours, 55 minutes, 21 seconds. Take that, Switzerland.

White also recorded his feat on video, starting at the live engraving of the master record at his Third Man Records complex in Nashville, moving to United Record Pressing to press some limited edition 45s, then ending back at Third Man for the first sales. (It apparently took two days to edit and release the video.)

In some ways, this is the nerdiest music video imaginable: The making of a record-setting record, with plenty of footage of the actual physical process of pressing a vinyl disc. For those less interested in geeking out about vinyl, there's some nice comic relief from the two Third Man couriers dolled up in full-on CHiPs attire. Enjoy. --Peter Weber