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London barbershop reportedly targeted by North Korean officials over 'disrespectful' Kim Jong-un sign

Twitter/ The Indy People

A manager of a British barbershop is claiming that two North Korean officials from the nearby embassy asked him to destroy a sign mocking Kim Jong-un. At Mo Nabbach's shop in west London, a poster displays the leader's face with a message offering discounts on men's haircuts — an obvious nod to the recently debunked rumor that men in the isolated country were being forced to get the same haircut as their leader.

Nabbach told ITV News London that two men he believed were from the North Korean government busted into the shop and ordered him to take down the "disrespectful" poster. The men refused to identify themselves.

"I told them we are in England and not North Korea and told them to get out of my premises," Nabbach said. The salon didn't oblige the men's request and kept the sign up. Although the men didn't identify themselves as being from the embassy, London police said they were "in liason" with them about the concern.

A spokesperson for the North Korean embassy said it had no comment. --Jordan Valinsky