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Ira Glass wants to know about that time you got high

George De Sota/Getty Images

You're not freaking out, man. In what is either the research phase for an entertaining segment or a secret attempt to narc on granola-munching listeners, This American Life is asking people to submit stories about strange things they've done when high on drugs.

In a statement, the program claims it's working on a story about drug use, and more specifically on the crazy stuff people do when they're whacked out of their minds. From the show:

[W]e'd like to devote a portion of the show to a collection of shorter stories in the classic "I was so high..." genre. So these would be the kind of anecdotes you might hear at a bar or wherever you're hanging out with friends. […] The type of drug doesn't so much matter. It's not a show only about marijuana. Being drunk probably doesn't count. But we'd be open to a good anesthesia story or two. What we're not looking for is the kind of story that goes, "I was so high I thought I'd lost my phone, and searched for it for an hour before realizing it was in my pocket." [This American Life]

The show adds that it's not condoning drug use, so please don't take this as an excuse to get all hepped up on goofballs and do anything stupid. But if you do have a cool story, send it on over. It'll make for another interesting tale: "This one time, I was so high I thought the radio was talking about me."

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article mistakenly said This American Life was distributed by NPR. It is distributed by Public Radio International.