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Canadian Mounties hitched a ride on a snowmobile to chase a stolen tractor

RCMP handout

In what may have been the most Canadian chase scene ever, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police last week took off after a suspect not on their equines, but rather on a borrowed snowmobile. The man they were chasing: A thief who made his getaway on board a giant John Deere tractor.

Last Thursday, Mounties got a call about stolen firearms in a rural part of Alberta, followed by another call less than two hours later about a John Deere 6400 tractor — complete with front-loading bucket — getting swiped from another property in the same area. A quick-thinking officer investigating the tips flagged down a snowmobiler and asked to borrow his recreational vehicle to give chase. After following the tractor's tracks through fields and woods for a little while, the officer finally caught up to the machine as it lumbered along doing about 15 miles-per-hour.

"It was very slow, there wasn't any speed to this incident," RCMP Corporal Barry Larocque told the Calgary Sun.

As the officer tried to approach and apprehend the tractor driver, later identified as Jesse Cecka, the suspect tumbled the machine down a hill. Cecka was not injured and was charged with breaking and entering and theft, among other things. Presumably, he was not also issued a ticket for speeding.