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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen make New York fun again with joyous photos, then leave


New York has been good to Sir Patrick Stewart — it introduced him to sliced pizza, for example — but Stewart has also been good to New York. His series of #GogoDididoNYC photos on Twitter — where he and fellow knighted Englishman in New York Sir Ian McKellen do touristy things in the city, wearing matching bowler hats — makes the Big Apple appear to be the fun, joyful tourist destination (and residence) that it sometimes is.

Stewart and McKellen were in New York on business, not just pleasure, though — the business being performances in Harold Pinter's No Man's Land and Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot — and to mark the last two weeks of the plays' run on Broadway, Stewart tweeted out a final series of photos. The plays ended on Sunday, and Stewart and McKellen bade New York farewell with this final photo:

Here are a few of the more jubilant photos from the series. For the rest, you can scroll through Stewart's Twitter feed, or see them collected at The Frisky. Consider these Stewart and McKellen's parting gift to New York. --Peter Weber