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'Do it for Denmark:' Sultry new ad campaign encourages Danes to have sex


If the people of Denmark don't start having sex with each other, it's going to evolve into a problem that not even Dr. Ruth can fix. The country's current birthrate is 10 per 1,000 residents in 2013 — a 27-year low for a country that's regularly named one of the happiest in the world. That startling stat has left Danes worrying that their country could eventually become extinct.

Noting the recent news, Spies Travel came up with a new ad campaign encouraging Danes to go on holiday, where they're (allegedly) 46 percent more likely to get frisky. The two-minute ad shows a gorgeous couple enjoying a sexcapade... for their country.

"So to help the falling Danish birth rate, Spies Travel wants to encourage all Danes to take a romantic city holiday," the voiceover says. "After all, it will also help our future business. But if doing it for Denmark isn't enough, we made a little competition."

The competition is simple enough: Book while you're ovulating, conceive said child, prove it that you had sex while on the vacation and you get a three-year supply of baby items. No pressure!

Watch the sexy video for and feel... inspired. --Jordan Valinsky