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Oprah is hitting the road for an eight-city tour

Of course Oprah Winfrey had "go on tour" on her bucket list. More specifically, "go on tour, again."

The media mogul has an eight-city tour in the works, with the first stop set for September. "Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend" tour basically sounds like any other self-help seminar, except for the fact that it's fronted by one of the most powerful women in the world. Event highlights include a keynote speech from Winfrey herself on Friday night, followed by group activities and handpicked speakers on Saturday. So far, the Winfrey-approved lineup includes author Elizabeth Gilbert and guru Deepak Chopra.

The tour sounds a lot like one Winfrey completed in 2005; her "Live Your Best Life" tour stopped in three cities, where she dispensed sage life advice and offered up impromptu airport interviews.

What inspired Winfrey to hit the road again? Canada.

Seriously: Winfrey visited our northern neighbors in 2013, and she says that speaking circuit inspired this American iteration. The only downside is that attendees in 18,000-seat arenas aren't likely to walk away with Oprah's Favorite Things — just "empowerment, resilience and authenticity."

Frankly, a new car seems like more of a draw.