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Look at this

You’re not going to be a billionaire, so enjoy these great photos of first-round March Madness upsets

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Imagine: Somewhere in Omaha, Warren Buffett sits in a comfortable recliner. Dairy Queen blizzard in one hand, remote control in the other, the billionaire watches his money grow safer by each final score flashing on the television screen.

Well played, Buffett, well played.

Less than a week into the NCAA tournament, Buffett’s Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Challenge saw all of its 11 million contenders make at least one wrong bracket pick. The 20 people with the best imperfect brackets will still each win $100,000, but if you were planning to quit your day job, well, sorry but you should clock in as usual on Monday.

In the meantime, accept March Madness for what it is: A crazy couple of weeks with upsets galore, Cinderella storylines aplenty, and some pretty great photos to boot. --Sarah Eberspacher