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Hunt for season 2 plot points in these Orange Is the New Black photos

Jessica Miglio for Netflix

Last we saw Piper Chapman and the far more captivating women of Litchfield federal prison, things were not going so well. A vengeful Red sabotaged the kitchen, Miss Claudette was sent to maximum security, and the "emotionally manipulative narcissist" Piper was dumped (by both her boyfriend and girlfriend) and wanted for dead by the crazed Christian, Doggett — who Piper pummeled as the final credits rolled. So, yeah, not the most uplifting of endings to the so-called "dramedy."

Finally, after nearly a year of waiting — a real problem, by the way, for impatient viewers with no streaming self control — Orange Is the New Black returns Friday, June 6, with its second season.

For a taste of what's to come Netflix has released three photos from the new season. So join me, won't you, in over-analyzing the images to extract the smallest of potential plot points. I mean, really, what the hell is up with Chapman in that second photo? Whose blood is that on her hands? What side of the fence is she on?! --Lauren Hansen