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Delivering pizza in Alaska requires two pairs of pants, three hoodies, and a 'very big jacket'

Flickr CC By: N Wong

With its cruel winds and bitter temperatures that hover around -40 degrees, Barrow, Alaska isn't situated in the most hospitable of climates. But brave soul Aleksandar Joksic works in these chilly conditions, day in and day out — he's one of the town's few pizza delivery guys.

Joksic told the Wall Street Journal that contrary to our belief, he doesn't deliver pizzas on a snowmobile equipped with 100 heat lamps, but instead uses a souped-up Hynudai Accent that requires a lot of TLC:

Gas costs over $6 a gallon in Barrow, and the Hyundai is very economical. Every morning first thing I start the car (it takes an hour to get up to temperature) and unplug it (electricity keeps the engine and fluids from freezing at night). If I turn it off for 10 minutes, it would freeze and die, so I don't turn it off until the end of the day. [Wall Street Journal]

Joksic said his day-to-day wardrobe consists of two pairs of pants, three hoodies, and a "very big jacket." Now we just feel silly complaining about which pair of jeans we're going to work everyday.

Read the rest of his harrowing description at the Wall Street Journal.