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See the 'dreamlike' new poster for Mad Men season 7

See the 'dreamlike' new poster for Mad Men season 7

Yesterday, AMC released the first cryptic teaser for Mad Men's upcoming seventh season: A 15-second shot of Don Draper disembarking from a plane. Today — in what constitutes an embarrassment of riches for the notoriously secretive show — AMC has released the first piece of promo art, which was drawn by Milton Glaser of "I ♥ NY" fame:

No, you're not mistaken: That's basically just the show's regular logo slapped over a much more colorful background. But according to Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, there's a good reason for that: "There is a dreamlike quality to it, and believe it or not, it is related to the show, and not because it's psychedelic," he said to The New York Times. "It maintains the idea that this is somehow going on in Don Draper's mind, which is what the story is always about — and what the back of his head is about, on some level." Yeah, nothing psychedelic about that.

Weiner didn't reveal any more details about the enigmatic poster's real meaning, so we're going to assume that it's a well-disguised Magic Eye drawing that reveals all the characters have been in purgatory all along. (Keep staring until you agree.)