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Only in America

Only in America: A sexy tax-day distraction

Trojan hands out free vibrators to relieve your tax-day stress — and more in our collection of strange revelations about the nation

Taxes are the worst. And tax day — today, April 15 — can be as dreaded as a cavity filling. To soften the blow, several retailers are swooping in with special offers to relieve tax-related stress. Arby's is handing out free curly fries. Office Depot will shred your documents on the house. But perhaps the most unique tax-day stunt comes from Trojan. The condom-maker will spend the day giving away free vibrators (worth up to $39.99) at "Pleasure Carts" in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Says Bruce Weiss, Trojan's VP of marketing: "It's a stimulus package they will never forget."