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Jon Stewart knocks Fox News for finding 'white conservative victimization' in Selma ceremony

Last weekend was the 50th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday" in Selma, Alabama, commemorating a day where police brutally beat a group of civil rights marchers demonstrating for voting rights. And CNN used its Selma coverage to brag about its drone footage of the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Jon Stewart sighed on Monday night's Daily Show.

But if boastfully wasting its silly technology is true to form for CNN, Stewart asked, "could Fox take this commemoration of courageous civil rights marchers and somehow turn it into white conservative victimization?" Yup. "You are amazing," Stewart told Fox News, clapping slowly. Accusing The New York Times of intentionally cropping George W. and Laura Bush out of a wide Selma march photo is really "finding the aggrieved white-man angle." Watch Stewart's own form of Selma commemoration, and drone antics, below. —Peter Weber