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Televangelist takes down web page asking for $65 million in donations to buy Gulfstream jet

After heavy backlash, a Georgia-based mega church took down its web page asking for donations in order to purchase a $65 million Gulfstream G650 jet for its pastor.

The Creflo Dollar Ministries posted a five-minute video to its Project G650 fundraising page, in which pastor Creflo Dollar stated that if 200,000 followers gave just $300 each, he would be able to purchase the ultra-luxurious plane and spread the good word around the world, 11 Alive in Atlanta reports. Dollar's current jet is 30 years old, and after a near-miss in London where the plane skidded off the runway during an aborted takeoff, he decided it was time for a new model, he said.

The backlash was swift, with many pointing out that Dollar is worth more than $27 million, and his World Changers Church International is located in College Park, where the average household income is slightly over $29,000 a year. While the main Project G650 fundraising page is down, Dollar can still receive dollars through the ministry's main donation page.