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March Madness

President Obama's NCAA Tournament bracket is incredibly boring

Just like everyone else in your bracket pool, President Obama has the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats winning the NCAA Tournament. In his bracket, Obama picked the Wildcats to top another top-seeded Wildcat team, Villanova, in the title game.

Plugging two No. 1 seeds into the final wasn't Obama's only safe bet. His Final Four features three No. 1s and one No. 2 (Arizona), and he picked 15 of the top 16 seeds to reach the Sweet 16; only Davidson, a No. 10 seed, snuck into that round with an upset.

Maybe Obama went with the boring picks because there's a decent statistical case for submitting a chalk bracket in this top-heavy tournament. Or maybe this is just what a politician's bracket looks like when he doesn't have to pander to swing-state voters. —Jon Terbush

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