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Adam Sandler serenades Letterman with a sweetly ribald farewell song

David Letterman has one week of Late Shows left before he retires, and on Tuesday, Adam Sandler stopped by to pay his respects. He did it in song. Maybe only Sandler could make this couplet work: "He's leaving after 30 years, and you know he will be missed / If you like gapped-tooth men in double-breasted suits, he's No. 1 on your Top 10 list." But not all the lyrics were so clean. A shout-out to Sandler's mother got the strongest reaction from Letterman, but there's a nice dig at Jay Leno, a nearly dirty comment about Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, and a kindly parting shot at Paul Shaffer and the band. In all, it's a sweet send-off from an obviously sincere fan, and it's Sandler with a guitar, so it's probably worth your five minutes. You can watch below. —Peter Weber