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Bobby Jindal just cut Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood in Louisiana

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) announced Monday he is cutting Medicaid funding for the state's two Planned Parenthood clinics. The move comes in the midst of a Republican congressional push to defund the group after a controversial, covert video released by conservative activists last month showed Planned Parenthood discussing fetal tissue donations.

"Planned Parenthood does not represent the values of the people of Louisiana and shows a fundamental disrespect for human life," the presidential hopeful said in a statement.

The two Louisiana clinics don't offer abortions, Talking Points Memo reports. A third clinic being built in New Orleans will, but officials say they will not participate in the donation program.

The U.S. Senate is expected to fall a few votes shy of the 60 votes needed Monday to continue discussing defunding the organization.