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Hillary Clinton's most fervent supporters have a new target: Marco Rubio

Some of Hillary Clinton's biggest supporters have a new target to attack in the Republican field, and it isn't the candidate leading the polls. While The Hill notes that Clinton rarely calls out current GOP frontrunners Donald Trump or Ben Carson by name, a popular Clinton-supporting super PAC, Priorities USA, has repeatedly been taking shots at Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as he has risen in the polls:

Priorities USA, a super-PAC aligned with Hillary Clinton, has issued a dozen separate email blasts or advertisements attacking Rubio by name in the last two weeks. No other GOP presidential candidate is receiving that kind of scrutiny.

The group has taken swipes at Rubio's use of a Republican Party credit card and his record in the Florida Legislature. Headlines have included "What Is Marco Rubio Hiding?," "Rubio Tax Plan Debate Claims 'Nonsense'" and "Rubio's evasiveness and apparent misstatements." [The Hill]

For Rubio, this should be good news, as it suggests that Clinton supporters consider him a threat with good odds of nabbing the GOP nomination.

While one DNC official maintains that the PAC's focus on Rubio is "by no means predicting what's going to happen," the official did acknowledge that there's been a "focus on where the race is focusing."