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ABC Democratic Debate

Martin O'Malley accuses Hillary Clinton of using 9/11 to 'hide her cozy relationship with Wall Street'

Martin O'Malley slammed Hillary Clinton for her relationship with corporate America at Saturday's debate in New Hampshire, returning to a topic he'd hit hard at the previous debate. Clinton said in November that she'd received Wall Street donations because of her work rebuilding the city after the 9/11 terror attacks during her tenure as New York senator, a defense that O'Malley labeled "shameful," accusing her of trying to "hide her relationship with Wall Street big banks by invoking the attacks of 9/11."

In response, Clinton pointed to ads funded by "two hedge fund billionaires" running against her in both Iowa and New Hampshire as evidence that her relationship with Wall Street wasn't as cozy as O'Malley was suggesting. "Now, you'd have to ask yourself why are they running ads against me?" Clinton said. "And the answer is because they know I will go right after them, that I will not let their agenda be America's agenda."