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leave your drone at home

This near-crash with a skier is the reason drones are being banned from skiing World Cups

The international ski federation (FIS) has issued a ban on camera drones at World Cup events after one of the unmanned contraptions nearly took out Austrian skier Marcel Hirscher during a slalom in Italy, The Associated Press reports. Hirscher, an Olympic silver medalist, was beginning his second run when the drone smashed into the slope behind him.

"I am very relieved that nothing happened […] There are a lot of cool things nowadays. But you have to guarantee the safety — and that was just insane," Hirscher said.

Men's race director Markus Waldner said the drone operator had broken FIS's guidelines by flying over the course. Typically drones are used at ski events to show overhead angles that grounded cameras simply can't capture; drones in some other countries have been banned from flying over crowds.

"It was huge luck that Marcel was not hurt. I am very angry," Waldner said. Watch the close call below. Jeva Lange