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Ted Cruz fired back at The Washington Post with a cartoon of his own

Texas senator and 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz was none-too-pleased when The Washington Post portrayed his daughters as performing monkeys in an editorial cartoon (which you can see here) Tuesday. The artist behind the cartoon, Ann Telnaes, defended her work by saying that Cruz's approval of his daughters' appearances in political ads made them fair cartoon fodder, but the paper pulled the cartoon anyway.

Fair or not, Cruz fired back Wednesday with an editorial cartoon of his own, painting The Washington Post and The New York Times as Hillary Clinton's personal lapdogs:

This particular dig seems to be more at the media than Clinton, though, as Cruz told reporters Wednesday, "not much ticks me off, but making fun of my girls? That will do it." He continued: "Don't mess with my kids. Don't mess with Marco's kids. Don't mess with Hillary's kids. Don't mess with anybody's kids."