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I Believe the Children Are Our Future

Nickelodeon's first same-sex married couple will be on TV tonight

They may technically be two-dimensional, but from a representational standpoint, the new characters on Nickelodeon's The Loud House are anything but. Wednesday night's episode of the cartoon will feature a married, interracial gay couple, a first for the children's network, featuring two husbands voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald. In a scene that has popped up on Twitter in advance of the episode's airing, the parents of recurring character Clyde are depicted as endearingly overprotective as they drop their son off at a sleepover.

"This is it, time to make history," Clyde's friend says of the sleepover before opening the door to Clyde's boundary-breaking parents, in a cheeky reference on the part of the show's writers. Watch the clip below, and tune in tonight at 5 p.m. ET for some history-making children's programming. Roxie Pell