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Late Night tackles the Republican National Convention

Conan roasts Donald Trump with new superhero: Capt. Make America Great Again

While everyone else on late night was watching the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week, Conan O'Brien was live in San Diego covering another convention. "Believe it or not, Comic-Con isn't the only thing going on this week," he said. "The Republican National Convention is also happening in Cleveland." Because of the confluence of connections, Conan said, "we thought it'd be fun to bring out someone who represents both Comic-Con and the Republican Party," Capt. Make America Great Again.

The crossover superhero — or antihero, perhaps — was portrayed by a short but talented Trump impersonator, and was just what you'd expected in a Trump-comic geek cosplay mashup. San Diego is a "dump," he said, to boos. "It's overrun with Wookies, zombies, and Klingons." Conan said that's the point of Comic-Con, and Cap went there: "Well let me say this, all right? That Klingon planet, they're not sending us their best, alright? It's true. We're getting rapist Klingons, drug-dealing Klingons... and none of them speak English." Yes, there is a wall joke, and you can watch below. Peter Weber