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The Clinton Presidential Library just released 22 photos of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton looking chummy

The Clinton Presidential Library has released 22 pictures of Donald Trump hanging out with Bill Clinton in 2000, following a Freedom of Information Act request from Politico. The pictures come from a June 2000 visit then-President Clinton paid to Trump Tower for a fundraiser, and from the September 2000 U.S. Open tennis tournament in Queens, New York.

The pictures are an awkward complement to a previously released photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton laughing with Donald and Melania Trump at the Trumps' 2005 wedding. Hillary Clinton has since said she did not know Trump well and had attended the wedding "because it's always entertaining."

Clinton's husband appears to have been on more familiar terms with the Republican nominee, at least judging by the new photos. In one from the tennis tournament, Bill Clinton stands with his arm around Melania Trump, with Donald Trump posing beside an unidentified woman wearing a Playboy shirt:

Fifty-nine photos of Hillary Clinton at a 1994 fundraiser Donald Trump attended were also found but not released by the National Archives, having been deemed "personal records" and thus not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.