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Obama is about to start spending a lot more time on the campaign trail

President Obama is about to go all out for Hillary Clinton. Starting in October, Obama will reportedly devote "one to two days each week" to campaigning for his potential Democratic successor, Bloomberg Politics reported Tuesday. Obama will do everything from "rallies, targeted radio and television interviews, social media outreach, and fundraising," and he's even said he "would be willing to appear" in Clinton's TV ads. Bloomberg Politics called his commitment "unprecedented in the modern era."

As Clinton enters the home stretch of the race with teetering poll numbers, she could definitely use a boost from a president boasting a 58 percent approval rating. "From the beginning, we have been interested to have him out there as often as they can spare him between now and November," Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon told Bloomberg Politics. "As we get closer to the finish line, there's no one better to help make the closing argument than President Obama."