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Trevor Noah urges anti-Trump protesters not to 'become the hate that you're protesting against'

To make his point about how anti-Donald Trump protesters should decide where to draw the line, The Daily Show's Trevor Noah employed a colorful analogy about sex. "You can be loud and wild and do it all night long, but when something starts to burn, you should probably stop," Noah said during Thursday night's episode, urging protesters to refrain from burning effigies or lighting anything else on fire, really.

Noah showed clips of the protests that have broken out across the country since Trump won the presidential election Tuesday, as thousands of people in several cities have taken to the streets to express their dissent. He argued that while "it's important for the world to see that not all of America supports Trump," protesters ought to be wary of going too far. "If you're not careful, you'll become the hate you're protesting against," Noah said. "Setting fire to the f--king streets is just going to set us back."

Watch Noah outline the boundaries for anti-Trump protesters below. Becca Stanek