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Watch this startling clip of a Trump supporter confidently and baselessly claiming massive voter fraud

Citing "the media," a supporter of President-elect Donald Trump claimed Thursday during an interview on CNN's New Day that "three million illegals voted" in California in the presidential election. The supporter, named Paula, suggested that President Obama had told undocumented immigrants they were "allowed" to vote, a claim which was backed by Paula's fellow interviewees.

When host Alisyn Camerota tried to get to the bottom of where that false information may have come from, all she could find was a "deceptively edited" transcript of an Obama interview. "In fact, he said nothing of the sort when you go back to the transcript," Camerota said.

Still, Paula didn't back down from insisting "millions" of people voted "illegally" in the election — a claim strikingly reminiscent of what Trump tweeted earlier this week. "California allows it," Paula said, referring to voter fraud.

Watch Camerota face-palm her way through the interview below. Becca Stanek