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to recount or not to recount

Federal judge ends Michigan recount midway through, sealing Donald Trump's win

On Wednesday evening, U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith effectively ended Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein's recount of Michigan's presidential vote, ruling that with about 1 percent of the vote, Stein had no chance to win the state and therefore has no standing as an "aggrieved" candidate. The recount had begun Tuesday, and more than 20 of 83 counties had already begun counting ballots, recording minor changes to the vote totals. Donald Trump won Michigan and its 16 electoral votes by 0.2 percentage points, or about 10,700 votes over Hillary Clinton.

Earlier in the day, the Michigan elections board had voted 3-1 to end the recount if Goldsmith lifted his earlier order allowing it to begin. Republicans celebrated Goldsmith's ruling, which seals Trump's victory in the state.