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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Trump and Obama discuss Kanye, acronyms, inauguration guests in imagined Conan chats

As a mere plebeian, you are not privy to the phone calls between President Obama and his successor, President-elect Donald Trump. Neither, of course, is Conan O'Brien, but a man can dream — so on Wednesday's Conan, O'Brien revealed what's essentially an aural artist's rendering of some of the POTUS-PEOTUS chats — including about the acronym POTUS.

"Hey, Bar, what's SCOTUS?" the Trump impersonator asked. "It's an acronym for Supreme Court of the United States," the Obama voice replied. After explaining to Trump what an acronym is, he gave another example: "Like POTUS is President of the United States." "It is?" Trump said. "I thought it was another weird name you had. Like Barack." Kanye West's visit to Trump Tower gets two exchanges.

Want more? Conan's got some. Watch below. Peter Weber