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being able to spell is for haters and losers

Seth Meyers is on a quest to keep up with Donald Trump on Twitter

Donald Trump loves his Twitter, and in an attempt to keep track of the president-elect's 140-character musings, Seth Meyers is launching a new segment, "Tweetin' with the Prez."

On Tuesday's Late Night, Meyers quipped that Trump's Twitter feed will serve as "his version of FDR's fireside chats, if FDR used his fireside chats to say stuff like, 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And Mexicans.'" Trump hasn't had a press conference since July, and we are now in an era where he'll be able to "spread lies and conspiracy theories unfiltered through his Twitter account," Meyers said. Trump can also show off his inability to spell words like "unprecedented," although Meyers doesn't believe that's a big deal. "Spelling is a distraction," he said. "We're not all going to die because Donald Trump can't spell." Unless, of course, he accidentally sends Vladimir Putin a message inviting him for a "launch" rather than a "lunch." Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia