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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Celebrity Apprentice catchphrase is about what you'd expect

After much speculation, Arnold Schwarzenegger's catchphrase from the new incarnation of Celebrity Apprentice was revealed during the show's premiere Monday night, and it makes sense for the Terminator.

It's not "Hasta la vista, loser," "I'll be back, but you won't," "Get to the chopper and fly away, you're done here," or "Good news: It's not a tumor; bad news: You're fired," but rather the simple — and completely predictable — "You're terminated." It was made clear when Schwarzenegger was named the show's new host in September 2015, he would have his own catchphrase separate from Donald Trump's signature parting shot, "You're fired." Variety reports that Schwarzenegger filmed up to eight different sayings, and he said even he wouldn't know which one producers picked until the show's first episode aired.