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'i would respect it and follow it'

Jeff Sessions concedes Roe v. Wade, same-sex marriage are 'law of the land'

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) declared Tuesday during his Senate confirmation hearing that he would respect the Supreme Court's decisions about both Roe v. Wade and same-sex marriage if he is confirmed as attorney general. While Sessions admitted he believes the ruling on women's right to abortion "violated the Constitution," he acknowledged that it is now "the law of the land." "I would respect it and follow it," Sessions said, while admitting he still thinks the Roe v. Wade decision was "colossally erroneous."

Sessions also indicated he agreed with President-elect Donald Trump that the debate over same-sex marriage is already "settled." "I will follow that decision," Sessions said, citing the Supreme Court's 5-4 vote in favor of broadening the definition of marriage.