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Chris Christie is already plotting his comeback

If Chris Christie has his way, we haven't seen the last of the New Jersey governor. Politico reported Friday that Christie, picking himself up after repeatedly being passed over for a job in President-elect Donald Trump's administration, is setting himself up for a chance to secure a spot in the "'second wave' of aides and staffers that is likely to replace the volatile or inexperienced loyalists Trump has tapped."

As one senior transition aide explained it, with Trump, "there's waves in everything." "There was [Corey] Lewandowski. Then, there was Paul Manafort. Then, there was [David] Bossie, [Stephen] Bannon, and Kellyanne [Conway]. That's how Trump operates," the aide told Politico. "It's Game of Thrones, The Apprentice, and Survivor all mixed into one."

And apparently Christie has signed on to play. The governor paid a visit to Trump Tower last week, and he and Trump have reportedly spoken "a bunch" recently. The only potential roadblock, another senior transition aide said, is Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Christie and Kushner aren't exactly on the best of terms, because when Christie was a U.S. attorney he was involved in the prosecution of Kushner's father. While Trump may operate in waves, the aide isn't certain Kushner would be willing to put the past aside.

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