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Stephen Bannon once tried to make a documentary about eugenics, Hitler, and clones

Before he was the executive chair of Breitbart and long before he was ever a chief strategist to the president of the United States of America, Stephen Bannon wanted to make a movie. One of those movies, which never came to fruition, was a Hamilton-style rap musical about the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Another, The Daily Beast has learned, was "an epic documentary-style film about the eugenics movement, Adolf Hitler, 'blood purity,' abortion, contraception, Darwinism, mutants, and cloning."

The 11-page outline for The Singularity: Resistance Is Futile (as the project was naturally called) credits Bannon as writer, producer, and director, although Bannon reportedly met with filmmaker Mel Gibson about getting the picture off the ground. "Essentially, Bannon's is a Christian right-friendly story of arrogant scientists trying to perfect the human race at the expense of the natural order and God's vision of humanity," The Daily Beast writes of the 2005 project.

The Singularity is divided into 22 segments, including "The Religion of Technology," which begins by talking about "the garden of the new Eden, fruit of the forbidden tree: clones, mutants, and designer humans." Other sections touch on the "subjugation of race and class throughout time," the genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia, "the survival of the fittest," the "Aryan Elite," and "the Commercial Eugenics Civilization," which discusses "the perfectibility of life through a human-controlled elite race that will bring about a better world."

But wait, there's more! Bannon goes on to discuss "Yuppie Science"; "bio-technology as big business"; the "new age superpowers" of China, Singapore, Walt Disney, and Ted Williams; and "post-humanity." Read more about the project at The Daily Beast.