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It wasn't all bad

A New York City fire station's newest recruit is a rescued pit bull

Ashley, a one-year-old pit bull, was found emaciated and living in squalor, but her spirit was never broken.

A post shared by Ashley (@probyash) on Feb 2, 2017 at 7:01am PST

Erica Mahnken of the No More Pain dog rescue found Ashley in a Staten Island drug den, and asked friends working at a fire station on Manhattan's Lower East Side if they could keep Ashley for a few days while she found her a home. "As soon as we walked her in there everyone loved her," Mahnken told Inside Edition. "She was jumping on everyone and licking everybody."

The firefighters quickly decided they wanted her to stay with them permanently, and now a healthy and happy Ashley spends her days hanging out at the station with her new family. The firefighters document Ashley's life on her own Instagram account, and Mahnken says she is "just thankful they were able to take her, because God knows where she'd be." Catherine Garcia