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There's finally a high-end business suit you can safely toss in the washing machine

A lovely Italian-made suit by Traiano.

Until now, tossing an Italian-made suit into a washing machine has been "an unthinkable act," says Michael B. Dougherty at The Wall Street Journal. The Traiano suit from Saks Fifth Avenue (about $946) rewrites the code. Traiano, the Italian textile firm that developed the suit's fabric, claims washability was an accidental byproduct of the firm's effort to develop the most comfortable, practical suit possible. The nylon fabric is wrinkle-free and can be digitally printed to mimic the look of classic suiting wools. Fortunately, it's not just the fabric that sets a Traiano apart but also the tailoring — because seasoned hands are required. Just don't ever throw the suit in a dryer: Those high-tech threads can melt.