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Late Night Tackles Trump and Russia

Seth Meyers lays out Jeff Sessions' Russia problem, and Trump's

The revelations keep on rolling in about President Trump's presidential campaign and Russia, the latest being the kerfuffle about Attorney General Jeff Sessions meeting with Russia's ambassador at least twice, and being less than truthful with the Senate about it. Sessions volunteered under oath that he was a Trump surrogate and had not met with any Russians, Seth Meyers said on Thursday's Late Night. "That's like your wife asking, 'Do you think our son has a drug problem?' and you say, 'No! And I don't either!' It's suspicious."

"Obviously the timing of this latest bombshell was not good for the White House, as they were trying to enjoy the success of Trump's speech on Tuesday," Meyers said. But Trump's Russia problem keeps getting bigger. "Now look, there could certainly be legitimate reasons for Sessions to meet with the Russian ambassador," he said, "it's that he withheld that information from Congress that's a problem," exacerbated by the "cagey" responses from several other Trump campaign and administration officials about meetings with Russian officials. Trump himself has been cagey too, Meyers said, playing clips of his contradictory remarks about his relationship (or not) with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Look, we need a full and independent investigation to get to the bottom of this," Meyers said, wrapping up, "and it's clear that Jeff Sessions cannot provide that." Watch him lay out his case below. Peter Weber