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A gym had to turn off the news because people kept getting into fights about politics

A YMCA gym in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, has decided to ban CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC from its TV monitors because people kept getting into fights over politics, PA Homepage reports. "There was one [fight] that was broken up by another member that was just about ready to go physical, and we've had members step forward saying they've felt a little uncomfortable about the arguments that were going on over the politics," explained the gym's CEO, Trish Fisher.

Having had their cable news taken away, the Pennsylvanians have moved on to arguing about the ban itself: "They're all complaining that they think they should keep it and stuff but in my opinion, I think they should remove it because it will stop all the problems," said member Joshua Worobey.

"I think it is probably an overreaction. There was a lot of arguing going on during the election, protesting and that type of thing, but I think it's all gone," said another gym user, David Dimmick.

A word of advice: Rowing machines are great outlets for all that rage. Jeva Lange