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The ACLU deems Trump's new immigration order a 'scaled-back version that shares the same fatal flaws'

Shortly after President Trump signed his new immigration executive order Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union predicted he'd face "continued disapproval from both the courts and the people." Trump's new order no longer includes Iraq, exempts lawful permanent residents and current visa holders, and nixes the previous order's indefinite ban on Syrian refugees. However, it still temporarily bans people from six predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

The ACLU argued Trump's latest order is simply "a scaled-back version that shares the same fatal flaws" as the original order. "The only way to actually fix the Muslim ban is not to have a Muslim ban," Omar Jadwat, director of the ACLU's Immigrants' Rights Project, said in a statement. "Instead, President Trump has recommitted himself to religious discrimination."

Moreover, the ACLU pointed out that the changes made in this iteration of the order "completely undermine the bogus national security justifications the president has tried to hide behind." Trump offered no advanced notice for his first immigration order because he said that even a week's heads-up would have allowed "the 'bad'" to "rush into our country during that week." His new order won't take effect for 10 days.