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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Stephen Colbert tries to soothe Trump's wiretapping Twitter rage with a dose of Real News Tonight

Last week, President Trump "seemed pretty steady," Stephen Colbert said on Monday's Late Show. "I was afraid he sold the timeshare in Crazytown. Well, he's baaaack!" Colbert didn't seem sure if he was happy about being thrown back onto the Trump roller coaster, but he ran viewers through the weekend's events, starting with the president's 6:35 a.m. tweets from Florida on Saturday. "Who wakes up that angry?" Colbert asked. "Somebody get this guy a Xanax, or a bran muffin, or a bran muffin just stuffed with Xanax."

Trump's tweets accused former President Barack Obama of tapping his phone during the election, calling it first "McCarthyism" and then "Nixon/Watergate"-level malfeasance. "And he must have been really proud of this tweet, because it's the first time he ever signed one — 'Bad (or sick) guy!'" Colbert said. "This is a serious allegation — this may be the most serious allegation any president has made against a previous president," and he underscored the gravity of his serious accusation by following it up with a tweet about The Apprentice and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In any case, everyone who would have had knowledge of illegal Obama wiretapping has denied that it happened. "Faced with these denials, Trump has not produced a shred of evidence," Colbert said. "So where did Trump get his info? From the CIA? From the FBI? Out of his ASS?" Of all the madness in this story, though, "the craziest thing about Trump calling for an investigation, without any evidence, of this thing that no one else has said, is that it actually worked," Colbert said. "Congress is going to investigate Trump's wiretapping claim." Since the whole episode was reportedly sparked by Trump's rage over Attorney General Jeff Session recusing himself from any Russia-Trump investigation, Colbert said he wanted to do his part to calm Trump down with some soothing fake news. You can watch the latest installment of Real News Tonight below. Peter Weber