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An Amtrak train in North Dakota was stuck in a 25-foot snowbank for 13 hours

Your morning commute complaints just got topped. On Wednesday, an Amtrak train in North Dakota carrying 111 passengers got stuck in the snow for 13 hours.

Shortly after finally leaving the station early Wednesday after an overnight delay due to high winds and snow, the train got lodged in a massive snowbank in north-central North Dakota. The snowbank measured an estimated 200 feet in length, and loomed 25 feet high.

Needless to say, getting the train unstuck was no easy feat. CBS News reported railway workers "had to use bulldozers and shovel by hand to dig the train out," while other crews "first used snowplows, then skid-steers." When all of that wasn't working, two freight trains reportedly tried to pull the train out. And then four freight trains tried.

Three failed attempts and 13 hours later, the train was finally freed. After an inspection, the train was back on its way within an hour.

The 111 passengers reportedly stayed onboard throughout the ordeal, though Amtrak said in a statement customers "were kept comfortable."

Catch a glimpse of the travel nightmare below. Becca Stanek