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a trip fit for the king of the world

Want to take a trip to see the underwater ruins of the Titanic? That'll be $105,129.

A London-based tour operator will soon offer people the chance to dive down to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to see the Titanic. Starting May 2018, the company Blue Marble Private will begin taking groups of nine people on eight-day journeys that culminate in a firsthand look at the ship that sunk in 1912 after a scrape with an iceberg on its maiden voyage.

The trip will begin off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, where the group will take a helicopter to an "expedition support yacht" set up near the wreckage, The Telegraph reported. After days of adjusting to the environment and learning about the logistics of the dive, Business Insider reported a "specially-designed titanium and carbon fiber submersible" will lower divers — accompanied by a crew of experts — into the water as deep as 13,000 feet.

But the chance to swim over the shipwreck won't come cheap. The trip is estimated to cost $105,129 per person — which Business Insider noted is the "equivalent to what a first class passenger would have paid to board the Titanic."