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Obama's disapproval rating at day 60 was 26 percent. Bush's was 29 percent. Trump's is 58 percent.

President Trump may have just set the record for the highest disapproval rating by day 60 in office. Gallup's latest approval rating poll released Sunday saw Trump's approval rating sink to 37 percent, and his disapproval rating rise to 58 percent. Just one week ago, Trump's approval rating was 8 points higher, at 45 percent.

Trump's numbers look even worse when compared to previous presidents' ratings after two months in office. Prior to Trump, the president with the highest disapproval rating at the 60-day mark — at least dating back to 1977 — was former President Bill Clinton, who had a 34 percent disapproval rating at this point in his first term. Trump just beat that record by a whopping 24 points:

The Gallup poll surveyed about 1,500 adults nationwide by phone. Its margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.