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Doris Day just found out she's 95 years old

As she prepared to celebrate her 93rd birthday on Monday, Doris Day made a major discovery: She's two years older than she thought.

After spending most of her life thinking she was born on April 3, 1924, a copy of Doris Mary Kappelhoff's birth certificate from Ohio's Office of Vital Statistics shows otherwise — the actress and animal rights activist was actually born on April 3, 1922. "I've always said that age is just a number," the Pillow Talk and Pajama Game star said in a statement on Sunday. "I have never paid much attention to birthdays, but it's great to finally know how old I really am."

It's not unusual for actors and actresses to shave a few years off of their real age, but in Day's case, it apparently was a mistake for her to go through life two years younger than she really is; her spokesman, Charley Cullen Walters, said it's possible that when she was very young and on an audition, her age was written wrong on a form, and it "could've simply stuck for all these years." With this new information, Day might have to stop teasing her good friend, Betty White — Walters said Day used to enjoy ribbing White, who turned 95 in January, about being years older than her.