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Trump is struggling to even impress his own base, report card shows

When asked to grade President Trump's first 100 days in office, not even his base can give him perfect marks, a new Politico/Morning Consult poll has found.

In regards to his overall performance, voters typically graded Trump along partisan lines: 16 percent gave him an A, 23 percent a B, 17 percent a C, 13 percent a D, and 24 percent an F. Republicans, naturally, saw Trump a bit rosier: 76 percent said he would continue to improve in office.

But that doesn't mean they're impressed so far. "There's a persistent media narrative that President Trump can do no wrong among his base of supporters," said Morning Consult's co-founder Kyle Dropp. "But this polling suggests that, at the very least, many of his voters see room for improvement. Forty-two percent of Trump voters grade his first 100 days a B and another 23 percent give him a C or worse."

Trump's lowest score came in the category of health care, where only 9 percent of all voters and 16 percent of Trump voters gave him an A. Trump also didn't do well in an assessment of if he's "drained the swamp": Just 10 percent gave him an A on fulfilling that campaign promise. Thirty-two percent of voters gave Trump an F on climate change, and 21 percent gave him an F on his most talked-up issue, the economy.

The poll was conducted between April 13-15, surveying 1,992 registered voters. The margin of error is plus or minus 2 percent. The 100th day of Trump's presidency will be complete on April 29. See the full results here.