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Man raises money to send a care package of 3,000 cookies to a soldier he's never met

An Ohio man is raising money to send a soldier he's never met a care package brimming with 3,000 cookies. Mark Chalifoux got the idea after he was accidentally included in a family group text. He said he repeatedly tried to indicate he was not supposed to be in the chat, but the family members didn't seem to notice.

The texts continued, and Chalifoux got a picture of four soldiers and a message detailing how to send care packages overseas. He decided to start a GoFundMe fundraising campaign to make a truly memorable care package for this family's soldier. He's already raised more than $1,000, thanks to donations from 90 people. "I am hoping he'll be encouraged that 90 people contributed and it will let him know that someone cares," Chalifoux said.