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Nobody is sure what to make of Trump's 'covfefe' tweet

People sometimes tweet out gibberish, for whatever reason — they sat on their phone, put it in their pocket mid-tweet, or perhaps they were tackled while typing out a 140-character critique of the media. Usually, they delete the tweet and start over. So far, President Trump has left this up for more than two hours, which is forever in Twitter time:

Nobody is sure what's going on here, and of course everybody is hoping that the president is all right. But come on. "Covfefe"? Lots of people had theories:

There were some suggestions as to how Team Trump would explain this away:

But then real Trump surrogates stepped in, complicating the joke:

The "left" was mostly laughing, though:

And showing off their Photoshop skills:

"Covfefe" already has its own Twitter account, of course. More than one, actually.

That's the "Urban" dictionary. The real dictionary was stumped.

No, really.

And that is probably the right response. We hope all is well, Mr. President.