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All in the family

This couple can't decide which of them should run for Congress

The Ashfords have a problem. Health-care executive Anne Ferlic Ashford and her husband, former Democratic Rep. Brad Ashford, both want to run for Congress, but they can't decide which of them should run, The Wall Street Journal reports.

"I'll tell you what, it makes family dinners certainly more interesting than most," said John Ashford, one of Brad and Anne's children. "Most people at my age — their parents are talking about what home to buy in Florida or Arizona or what cruise to go on."

Brad lost the House race in their Nebraska district last November to Republican Rep. Don Bacon. Following the sting of her husband's defeat, Anne decided she might want to try to run herself — but Brad eventually shook off his disappointment, and he realized he missed Capitol Hill.

"We joke — and it's purely a joke — that we're going to have a family primary," Anne said. "Since we have three children, clearly there can't be a tie." Read more about the Ashfords' dilemma at The Wall Street Journal.