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Bill Cosby's defense lasts just 3 minutes as actor declines to take the stand during sexual assault trial

Comedian Bill Cosby declined to take the stand to defend himself during his trial Monday, where he faces three counts of sexual assault for an encounter with Andrea Constand in January 2004. The defense called just one witness, Det. Richard Schaffer, who had also taken the stand for the prosecution, BuzzFeed News reports, adding: "Cosby himself told the judge he will not testify, nor will he bring any character witnesses to testify on his behalf, despite that fact that his wife Camille was present in court for the first time in the six-day trial."

Cosby clarified to the judge that he intends a "limited defense." Cosby's legal team reportedly called Schaffer to the stand at 10:20 a.m.; by 10:23 a.m., Cosby's attorney announced he had no further questions.

The defense has argued that Cosby and Constand had consensual contact. Cosby has been accused of sedating and raping multiple women over the years, but Constand is the only woman to have successfully had her case lead to criminal charges.

The prosecution rested its case Friday after calling 12 witnesses to the stand, CNN reports.