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summer of hell

The New York transit system's advice for surviving transportation 'summer of hell'? Stay home.

New Yorkers' ongoing transportation nightmares are not going to end anytime soon, the MTA inadvertently announced Monday. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's (D) apparent plan to combat the so-called "summer of hell" — a six-week track work plan for Penn Station that will affect thousands of commuters — is literally "don't use the trains," the New York Post's Danielle Furfaro reports:

The Post reported Sunday that Penn Station commuters have gone as far as to file a lawsuit against the MTA and Long Island Railroad, or LIRR. One of the plaintiffs explained: "We want change, accountability, visibility and, quite frankly, we want what we pay for — and if we don't get it, we want our money back!"

In addition to telling everyone to work from home, the LIRR will add more rush hour trains with extra cars to accommodate the thousands of commuters, reports Andrew Siff of NBC New York. The MTA is also adding ferries and buses to Manhattan from locations on Long Island and Queens.

"It's going to be a long, hot summer," said MTA executive director Ronnie Hakim.